5 Free Time Management Apps You Should Download

Looking at Watch for Time Management

Yet another blog post telling you to stay productive, except this one provides you resources on the ‘how’ and what exactly these time management apps ‘do’.

Stay focused and form effective habits by incorporating one (or all five) of these applications into your daily routine:

1. Trello [Visual Work Management]

Trello is like one big virtual board you can move and drag items on. Organize and categorize priority items for whatever project you might be working on. You are also able to collaborate with other team members and leave comments or attachments. Monitor your project from the beginning and see it through to its end. Available on: web, iOS, Android, Mac, Windows

2. Flora [Focus]

The alternative, free version of the popularized Forest app. Just like the former, if you stay focused and turn off your phone, Flora grows virtual trees, and eventually forests. If you’re looking for a more collaborative experience, you are able to invite friends and grow landscapes together. Beware though, if you switch out of the app and use your phone, all your virtual plants will wither and die. Available on: iOS

3. Bear [Note Taking]

Looking to take notes wherever you are? Bear is great for short, quick notes of inspiration, as well as longer, essay-style paragraphs. To help you stay concentrated, there is a “focus mode” you can enable. The interface is minimalistic and sleek to help you easily get started or navigate through your notes. You are also able to customize your dashboard with different themes or typography. Available on: iOS, Mac

4. Today [Habit Tracking]

Who doesn’t want to form productive habits? Today features a “streak calendar” to provide you a clear overview of your check-ins during each month. Once you check-in and confirm you’ve completed your task for the day, your daily slot turns green, for “yes, you did it.” Break your habits down into smaller steps and create milestones or photo galleries to visually monitor your progress. Available on: iOS

5. Notion [All-In-One Workspace]

There is no easy way to describe Notion, except for a blank board of inspiration you can stick or link anything to. Have a to-do list you’re working on, want to remind yourself to bookmark a site, saw a cool picture you want to save? No problem. Put everything on your Notion workspace. Work on an individual project or collaborate with other team members, you choose. Available on: iOS, Mac, Windows

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